Issaquah Coding Contest

A programming competition for high school students of all skill levels.

Competition Results

Competition Overview

A competition inspired by Teamscode and the PSCSTA

Your team of 1-3 members will race with other teams to complete a problem set as fast and accurately as possible. The event will be split between two divisions, beginner and advanced (chosen in registration), to ensure that everyone gets a fair competition. Teams may use any programming language but must be able to read input from a text file. Each problem will require competitors to read input data from a text file and generate a correct output. Examples of these types problems can be found at under practice problems.

Event Schedule

5 hours of coding mayhem

10-10:30AM - Check-in

10:30AM-11AM - Set-up

11AM-2:30PM - Competition Problem Set

2:30PM-3PM - Awards, Prizes, and Conclusion

Problem Scoring

How we determine who wins

Both beginner and advanced divisions will have access to 10 easy/moderate questions each worth 50 points. The advanced division will also have access to 5 additional difficult questions each worth 75 points.

When contestants are ready with a solution, they may call their assigned judge over to verify their solution, where the judge will give them a new input file which the contestants may not view. If the generated output is correct, they gain the points for the problem. If not, 5 points for that problem are deducted, where if they get the question right later, it will be worth 5 less points for each incorrect submission.


Still not convinced?

-Lunch, drinks, and snacks will be provided at the event, though there's no dedicated time away from the competition (so you'll be eating while programming)

-Ontop of trophies for the top three finishers in each division, we'll be holding a raffle anyone can win. Raffle prizes include gift cards, electronics, software, and t-shirts courtesy of the FRC Team 1318 and the Issaquah Code Club

-Gain the gratitude of STEM programs around Issaquah as the exceeds of your $10 registration fee (which can be waived) will go towards growing robotics and computer science programs

Event Details

Where: Issaquah High School (700 2nd Avenue SE Issaquah, WA 98027)

When: Saturday, April 28th from 10AM-3PM

Rules: No cheating (collaborating with other teams, using the internet). One computer per team.

Registration Fee: $10 per team member (paid at the door)

Questions? Want to waive your registration fee? Contact

Proudly presented by the Issaquah Robotics Society (FRC Team 1318) and the IHS Code Club